Multistrand Brown Necklace
with removable lentil pendant

Here's my first necklace for 2022, or, perhaps, more accurately the last for 2021—(a late, late, late xmas gift for Frances, who asked me to string up that lentil sometime...last year?) As is usually the case, the focal's colour scheme drives the necklace's colours and bead choices: creams, golds, browns and greys, including gold leaf and goldstone trailing:

/SonyA7c/2022A7c/20220106A7c/DSC08942adj.JPG; sony 90mm macro lens, f5.6, 1/100s, iso 1600, e.v. +1

Frances specifically requested pearls, and honesty compels me to admit that I pulled a lot of beads from the mixed odds and ends dishes. Besides freshwater pearls, the necklace includes abalone, tigereye, dalmation jasper (and very probably) carnelian and blackonyx, as well as a lot of vintage czech and swarovski glass, copper, and bali silver beads.

/SonyA7c/2022A7c/20220106A7c/DSC08937adj.JPG f/2.8, 1/100sec, iso 250, ev +1

Frances liked the idea of a removable pendant, and found the copper bail that probably dates back a decade or more, acceptable, which meant I didn't have to make one up. Since I still don't have the new flash-studio set up for the (new) sony, so I ended shooting this piece on top of a trash-picked reptile tank repurposed as a terrarium for some of my more fragile plants—hence the glass and condensation, which I thought made for rather cool images. They're not terrifically lit, but the sony's larger sensor size is helping to compensate for the overly large dynamic range and other problems. And, of course, I can always ask Fran to bring the piece back when I do finally get the studio set up properly.

Multi-strand necklace of assorted semi-precious stone, vintage and modern glass, copper and silver, including hand-forged bail, clasp & soldered jump ring by the artist. /SonyA7c/2022A7c/20220106A7c/DSC08949x4.JPG f/2.8, 1/100s iso 320, ev +0.3

As a relatively low-stress piece, this was enjoyable to string; I was happy to finally get this project done.