The very first dead mouse
I mean, it's more-or-less mouse sized, right?

The wizard is less than enamored with useless, dangly objects that tangle and get in the way, so thingamabobs hanging off keys, jangly earrings, and charm braclets are all anathema.

I on the other hand suffer from a love of ornamentation; and since I don't actually drive our car that often I thought decorating my car key with beads would not be as impractical as it sounds.

“Dead mouse” consisting of a large hollow floral vessel; accented with mini-hollows, a pretty raked hollow, assorted vintage pressed glass (such as the green dogbone), semiprecious (e.g. tigereye). This is the first iteration, which has since broken and been restrung.

But in deference to my spouse's feelings, I first showed him this beaded object by holding at the tip of the fringes, as it were a dead mouse—in fact, it's about the same size, as these little rodents periodically make themselves at home, usually in our cupboards, where they're not really very welcome.

Hence the term for these keychain charms.