Sylvus and Page team up

Page and I have been collaborating for roughly 20 years on this, that and the other. My artistic development is more entwined with hers than with anyone else; so to say only these projects are collaborations is, at best, a gross simplification. We're always bouncing ideas off each other. However, these pieces have fairly readily identifiable contributions from each of us.

Page, busily at work making beads; originally posted 14jun06.


Page designs another lovely necklace featuring one of my BE floral vases. Collects together all the PMC posts, both finished jewelry & components. 15apr2014


A series of chain-link bracelets featuring lampwork beads and bold, clean design (but with texture!). Originally featured 29nov07 29nov2007


Our first etsy listing features a pair of white pixie earrings with bali silver posts. Originally posted 21nov07. 21nov2007


This classic bracelet celebrates silver—silver pixie, silver pearls, sterling silver. Originally posted 12jan07 12jan2007


We celebrate spring 2006 in pink and green. first posted08mar06 08mar2006


Elegance in red, black and gold . Posted 12feb06 12feb2006


Silver, iridescent pixies and pearls for a snowy day. Posted 11feb06 11feb2006


Monet's waterlilies: 2 pins built around a popular abstract and its lush green and pink color scheme. Ah, spring:) Posted 10feb06 10feb2006


pin with blue floral and pale blue abstract bead Posted 09feb06 09feb2006


A series of posts , showing a nice little collection of silver pins with elegantly strung dangles. Originally posted 07–12feb06. 08feb2006


Highly saturated Royal Blue and Gold make a case for rich color. Posted 08feb06 08feb2006


The brilliant blue-greens of insect wings and peacock feathers are evoked in this green dichro pin. Posted 07feb06 07feb2006


Oldies but goodies posted 15aug05 15aug2005


A friend is inspired–with beautiful results 22may2004


Page dichro focal necklace 22may2004


A little overexposed, but here's a shot of a necklace featured in the photography howto page —which if you scroll down towards the bottom has another Page & Sylvus necklace, not otherwise shown. 22may2004


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