lampwork, austrian crystal, czech pressed, and silver combineunder a bali banner

Most of the credit for these gorgeous pieces must go to my partner, who did the work (and by work, I don't only mean making beads and stringing them together, but gathering the components, which sounds like easy, fun shopping, right? But actually includes a great deal of effort. Hm. Post for another time, but yes, stringing beads, like any other medium, involves getting to know your medium, in other words, finding and purchasing cool beads, not to mention the nuts-and-bolts of simply having the proper findings–wire, jump rings etc—on hand. It's not as easy as it sounds.)—I only provided a few of the beads, alas. We very much enjoy stringing together, holding up pieces periodically for comments, criticisms or just plain admiration—sometimes even swapping stuff partway through; but one of the realities is that we live 50 miles apart, and sometimes must work alone.

The other silver lining, of course, is the opportunity to showcase my partner's absolutely superb sense of design.

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Elegance in red, black and gold . Posted 12feb06 12feb2006


Silver, iridescent pixies and pearls for a snowy day. Posted 11feb06 11feb2006


Monet's waterlilies: 2 pins built around a popular abstract and its lush green and pink color scheme. Ah, spring:) Posted 10feb06 10feb2006


pin with blue floral and pale blue abstract bead Posted 09feb06 09feb2006


Highly saturated Royal Blue and Gold make a case for rich color. Posted 08feb06 08feb2006


The brilliant blue-greens of insect wings and peacock feathers are evoked in this green dichro pin. Posted 07feb06 07feb2006