Blue Abstract Pin
That Organic Feeling...

I've always really enjoyed the rather free-form—what I call organic—texture and color of abstract frit and powder beads. But this pin also has a traditionally styled floral lampwork bead (not made by either of us) and of course, flowers are definitely organic.

The two czech beads on the left are pressed-style, and are kind of interesting in that to get the effect, the beadmaker starts with a very thick (up to 3/4” diameter) rod with two or more colors to get the resulting color-core (blue) or striped (pink) beads. The blue bead has been further worked: etched and then faceted and polished (I assume.)

silver, glass. jan 2006. all rights reserved.

So this pin is organic in more ways than one.

file created 08feb06. (Whoopsie, failed to let that one dangle settle done before clicking the shutter. Ah well:)