Green Dichro Pin
Playing with light...

My usual mantra, lo these past many years, is say that I love all colors, but when absolutely pushed to the wall...I'll admit green is my favorite—but that's only because there seem to be so very many hues called ‘green’; and this wonderful pin is a good example.

pin, feb 06 page brunner and sylvus tarn. Glass, sterling silver.

I particularly like the contrast between the peacock-brilliant dichro and pearlescent pixie dust beads, which are at opposite ends of the ‘transparency’ spectrum. Thus the transparent dottie and 5301clear austrians and the opalescent austrian crystal link the dichro and pixie respectively; the opaque turquoise 5000 crystal helps to anchor the transclucent pixie, giving it some visual heft, as it were, to help balance the solidity of the dichro. (Ain't artspeak wonderful? This is why page and I work in beads—and as the design is hers, I'm doing the best I can to celebrate her brilliance.)

And speaking of assistance, this is the very first image gimped by f2E, who has volunteered to start cropping, cleaning up and naming these files for me. Thank you, f2E:), cuz these pix were taken in a tearing hurry and they're pretty darned awful.

file created 07feb06. gimp by f2E:)