White Pixie Pin
While not as sparkly as gold, titanium dioxide is shiny.

I owe f2E for the subtitle, there. (The titanium dioxide to which f2E refers is what pixie dust is actually made of: as I understand it the tiny flakes refract light, giving the soft iridescence.) Thank you, f2E:) Hmm, continuing with more comments from my erstwhile web developer:

Silver, pearls, glass. Copyright Feb 2006 page brunner and sylvus tarn. All rights reserved.

Shiny shiny! P2 is obligated to make proper comments here, as I can only describe it as ’well... it has a pixie on it, and a cool sun pin-thing. Oh, and the pearl inside the silver, which is probably bali, is cool.’ (And if there's no gold, well aurora borealis coating on a number of austrian crystals still provides plenty of, what is the new-fangled term? bling, I believe. We called it glitz in my day:)

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