White Pixie Earrings on Bali Posts
Or, sylvus tiptoes around in efforts to set up an etsy account

Whilest f2tE moaned about my overall incompetence in doing the simplest things on etsy, (like finding my own store) and Kristin Perkins kindly held my hand I did finally manage, more or less, to set up shop. Etsy has been going great for Kristin, who's encouraged me to try this.

pair of pixie-dusted hollow lampwork glass bead earrings, with sterling silver findings, including bali posts and laser cut sterling balls.

These earrings were my first attempt, because they're relatively simple to make and reproduce, and because they're a very clean classic design. Both Page and I make pixies, but Page is usually the one who pairs the beads, and it's this pairing that really makes the design. Like most of our beads, these are hollow mandrel wound lampwork, and thus are both lightweight and durable (a good thing, since we, well ok, I drop beads on the floor all the time.)

Though shown in white, they're available in a wide range of colors. This is because Page and I both enjoy making these pearlescent beads, though honest compels me to admit I had to make several thousand before reaching that state. It now being only two more days till (I at least feel) the holiday shipping season officially starts, I don't feel too guilty in suggesting these would make a great gift, for others or yourself. They're just $45.00 plus $5 shipping.

Yeah, this site is likely to get a lot more commercial in the next few weeks. It ends in .com for a reason, after all.