Cherry red heart pendant
sweet as a marachino

Currently, every page on this site has a unique number, assigned sequentially in order of creation; but once upon a time, I don't think I had an easy way to tell otherwise identical pages apart. —At any rate, I decided to repurpose this duplicate page to showcase one of Page's rubber valentine heart necklets, this one featuring a luscious marachino red heart.

lampwork soda lime heart, sterling and bali silver, swarovski crystal, rubber. Photographed 22Jan2008, and probably manufactured about that time. Nikon coolpix8400, 1/15sec, f6.2, photoflood lighting.

I just love the colour, but I made the bead too long ago to way which glass it is; possibly it's czech ‘vintage red’. The image is also somewhat unusual in that we shot it on a silvered paper background, instead the usual plexi. I think both the design and photography stand up pretty well, for being over a decade old.


Though I will say, there sure is a lot of dust!