Vintage Page
2 multistrand floral vessel necklaces from 2004

These two necklaces—which I'd forgotten even existed, until I stumbled across them looking for stuff from roughly the same vintage of this page, which was created in October of 2004—were photographed on the 19th Jan, almost exactly 16[1] —whoops, now 19[2] years ago.

multi-strand necklace, probably late 2003 or early 2004. Bullseye dichro focal, pearls, turquoise, azurite, peridot, jade, bali silver; photographed 19jan2004

Though I've featured other pieces from this same series (or at least, photographed at the same time) I never bothered to post these because the photography is so bad—I didn't have powerful enough lights to really diffuse the light through thick plexi, nor did I have a bright white ceiling to avoid reflections on the plexi (that's why the pictures are taken at such a sharp angle) —in short, I had neither the setup nor the experience I have now, and as with so many of these nostalgic pages, I have both a greater desire to document the past (however imperfectly captured) as well as more patience for my past inexperience.

multi-strand necklace, probably late 2003 or early 2004. lampwork floral vessel focal, pearls, pxie dust beads, silver

This is a beautiful necklace made of ugly beads—those dark ambers say to me that the base glass was probably PIG (that being the only kind available in that dull amber) not to mention the wonky stripes in the one bead. The focal is so dark I'm guessing that it's bullseye as well.

[1]I'm writing this on 18jan2020, taking a break from sort of frustrating arting—the new art is coming, I promise...

[2]Well, gee, here it is almost exactly three years later, 11feb23, and I'm still promising new art. Some things, it seems, never change. Such as digging up old stuff when promising new art.