Collaged Cocoa Tin,
well, ok, Collaged Cocoa Box

But tin sounds so much better, doesn't it? In fact, it's precisely because this container is a metallicized cardboard box that I started with it: I could easily glue my bits and pieces to the surface. Metal is a little more demanding of its adhesives.

3-3/8" x 5-5/16. 2008. paper—stamps, teabag wrappers, plastic rice cracker wrapper, glue, candy foils, marker.[1]

After tearing off the surface advertising, (well, and cleaning the interior) I used a glue stick to glue assorted visually interesting things, then calligraphed the words coffee/tea/chocolate (3 popular hot beverages that I do in fact drink, and two of which, at least, I figured could be stored inside) to give a more unified all-over surface. I didn't really consider it finished, exactly —I wanted to do some gold stamping, and mebbe some painting—but then I had some cocoa I needed to store, and voila, it was done.

I have bagsful of cocoa and tea boxes I've saved to make cool things out of. I've wanted to do this for years. And, I figure I can sell ’em on etsy (since I don't really need twenty cocoa tins, though tea is another story...I myself pretty much drink genmaicha exclusively, but other members of the household prefer some variation, and of course, there are always guests;)

In effect, I suppose it's a cross between giftwrapping and drawing/painting...

photo 12nov, file 13nov08.


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[1]Since this was so tall, I ganged the photos together. They looked mediocre (and this was the third attempt) before, and now they look even worse, but it's beginner photography to go with beginner collage. Both will improve with time, I'm sure.