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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
2022 Aqua Mixed Media
with skull

Welp, I have no idea where this piece of art is...mebbe it's a loose page? The back side of a fancy letter to Fran?

10apr22 13:10, oneplusT, some cloning (mostly to clean up the curled edges, transform tool ditto...paper, stamps, ephemera; the medical illo is courtesy of Fran:)

But it's certainly one of my more elaborate efforts, and clearly I liked it enough to include a special component, a skull cut out by Fran from Grey's Anatomy—I love this style of old ink work, so I would've saved this until I felt I had something worthy of it.

Fran notes that cutting things out is a relaxing/de-stress type activity, whereas I find it kind of tedious,[1] which just goes to show that one person's lovely time-waster is another's tedium, even amongst us who are into repetitive tasks.

[1]I'm guessing the problem is that it's too difficult for me to decide whether a given image is worth saving, thus making the activity too stressful for me.