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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Green and White
mouse in school colours

This mouse was made for a college grad in school colours:

glass, silver, malachite, beadalon, steel; Sony ILCE-7C with sony 90mm macro, f/4.0, ev 0, 1/160s, iso 64, godox manual flash; cropped and slightly lightened in gimp

I rather liked the way the glass (petroleum green iirc) behaved—it's subject to interesting viscosity effects, that reminded me of malachite.[1]

reverse. As above, except f/5.0. Focal manufactured with a 1" lentil press (making the piece roughly 7" overall on 28apr22,[2] photographed 29apr22, which is pretty quick turnaround for me:)

The recipient is tidy, precision minded person, so I tried for a clean classic design with the bead and the stringing. I didn't completely succeed, because I wanted to blend the white to green transition on the tails, not only because that's my idea of fun and I think it's attractive, but also, in this case, to echo the striped effect of the malachite.[3]

[1]Malachite, as I understand it, is a low grade copper ore, and it wouldn't surprise me to learn that copper is also responsible for the petroleum green's colour—a supposition bolstered by the fact that it turns red in a reducing flame.

[2]I evidently didn't take process pix or record dimensions for the thispiece...

[3]Ok, that's probably a post rationalization, but it sounds good, right?