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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Asian themed mixed-media
with red, gold, black, and touches of green

Fran likes red and black, and of course gold goes very nicely with both—formal black kimono quite often feature red, white and gold designs. Someone tidying up their scrapbooking collection gave me a bunch of stuff, including the three punches used on here: the large red circles, the floral pattern, and the little sun; they possibly also gave me the origami paper.

Envelope back for a letter: calligraphed grocery lists, fortune, washi tape faux stamps, origami paper, chocolate foil, privacy envelope patterned[1] paper, a bit of advertisment from a Case-Closed film; paper punched and glued. Sony ILCE-7C, sony 90mm macro lens, f/4.5, ev +0.7, 1/100s, ISO 400, natural light; cropped and scaled.

In any event, rather than preserving it because it was “too good to use” I put some of it in this piece for the fabulous Fran, whom I felt entirely deserved the fortune pasted here. I had no idea what to do with a ‘Case Closed’ poster, so reserved the one tiny piece of red outlined text (lower left edge) as well as sticking in two sizes of every-day calligraphy[2] one of which has a bit of green for snap (along with the blue and green in the washi tape.)

This is a fairly simple piece, but it was fun to use the punches and some of my favourite washi tape, as well as the beautiful origami paper.

[1]my favourite privacy pattern, by far, in fact;)

[2]Costco lists, in both cases; both Fran and I shop there.