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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Michigan cherries
salsa as a sort of mixed media:)

I've mentioned the wizard's talent for removing jar labels, which have another appealing quality: they're huge, strongly adhesive stickers that really hold nice and tight:) —a good quality for a heavily stuffed envelope with old, weak adhesive on its flap.

Note the stash tag and coffee text echoing the black and white state logo—this piece is more about working visually: the elephant stamp was solely selected for its colourway, and even so was imperfect, as I really wanted black and white, and settled for grey.

jar label, stash tea tag, elephant stamp, tag from a welding cap the wizard bought, japanese newsprint (from f2tY), graphite doodle, vintage silkscreen (from Page)[1]

Alas, it's not a terrifically balanced piece, but yanno, it's just an envelope decoration—more important to get it out than perfectly made. This is what you get when you like your own doodles too much to cover them up: clearly I needed to put some bright red and black stuff in the lower right hand corner, and just couldn't bear to cover up the pencil doodle.

credit card type text, lined school paper, privacy paper, tissue paper: this is the front of the envelope. (I used a red star trek stamp to carry the colour scheme;)

The recipient reported really liking the silver foil ‘OPEN IMMEDIATELY’ which pleased me very much.

[1]IOW, a lot of the scraps are from friends and family members, which makes the piece more special to me...


[drawing] [mixedmedia] [2023]