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Ten of Rods Tarot
forms the focal...

This is the envelope back for the Neil Gaiman inspo note card. Red envelopes are very traditional for the sort of gifts one gives to young people on the occasion of graduations, birthdays, etc., especially in Asia (e.g. Japan or China).

tarot card, mesh, vintage style photo corners, embossed paper, red “washi” tape, Japanese newspaper, Asian horoscope water-soluable tattoo, kanji practise, notes made during youtube video, commercial sticker, bits of case-closed poster; 2023

Once I chose to (however subtly) reference the red-envelope custom, choosing the ten of rods card was as much about the red tunic (plus the interest of incorporating a fancy tarot card). Since this didn't go through the postal service, I could use more textured elements, such as the puffy heart sticker or the mesh, without worrying they would be torn off by the sorting machinery.

Embarrassingly enough, by the time I used the second of these water soluble tattoos, I forgotten how to apply them, but other than that hiccup, I'm reasonably happy with this effort.