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Mixxxxxed Media
X for no, X for ugly, X for ...?

The first item is part of the same series as the Juneteenth collage I featured awhile back in June, and puts together some easily clipped word fragments, such as no and on, which can be switched one for the other, and juxtaposed with off, which is an antonym of one, and a (sorta) synonym of the other...

mixed media collage, photographed with the lumix; universal transform, crop, lightening, some clone cleanup along the edge.

There are reasons why people don't get what passes for my humor.

with additional doodles, because I never know when to leave well enough alone.

Unlike the bunny example (which was posted earlier, but actually made later) I think the additions in this piece improved it. IMy favourite component, by the way, is the vintage foil star in the center of the piece. I put a lot of work into selecting that component and lightening it while image editing, so that the subtle texture would show up better. (Metallic inks tend to either read too dark or blow out entirely, making them a pain to photograph/reproduce.)

And because this technically fridayfugly, here's an earlier effort that, for all the real estate I had—8.5 x 11—and effort I put into it, just didn't work:

Fugly, fugly, fugly.

But since I took the trouble to image edit it, here ’tis. Cuz, yanno, if you keep plugging away, eventually your uglies will get better. —Though I admit that ‘eventually’ can be a frustratingly long time...