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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Stealth bunny magnet
framed by a collaged card

This card belonged to my sister-in-law, whom I don't believe ever realized that the framed bunny was actually a removable refrigerator magnet—well, I didn't either, till I was halfway thru collaging the card. (Unfortunately I didn't write down the name of the original watercolour artist, sorry.)

here's the front of the card closed, as it would look just taken from the envelope...

But I found another card with the same artist's work featuring roses, so that, along with gold foil, victorian line-art tissue paper, stickers (from my sister-in-law's [defunct] college, a butterfly stamp and related fruit (pears and apples both belong to prunus) made up the front elements.

...opened up

Inside are much the same components, with (again) extra pen and ink and watercolors, plus the stamp from a package from Japan (even their workaday postage is much prettier than ours) with calligraphy to make the fact that the bunny comes off really obvious. (Fran adores bunnies:)

...and the back.

A lot of times I simply select components because they co-ordinate visually, but here I was able to work the pear theme in again, as well as ephemera that had meaning to me: the instructions for the strapping was for a friend's kayak, which I helped modify by sewing loops; the refurb & composer pro refers to a lens I bought about this time...

I decorated the envelope, front...

This envelope with the horse-drawn sleigh (the red silhouette in the lower right corner) came from my local thrift shop, which I softened with washi tape. Fran and I both like John Oliver, and I had stamps (again, from my sister-in-law) and since the envelope was heavy, I just plopped on two of them to make postage.

and back as well.

Both Fran and I like drinking tea and coffee hence the bits from beverage packaging; and she sent the black and white picture of the guy in mouse ears, who reminded me of George Bush, but I guess actually is Johnny Carson? There are a lot of Japanese themed bits, from f2tY; Page gave me the Almandine paper, and the other stuff came from my stash.

I was reasonably happy with the way this all came out. Glue, paper, ink, paint; completed by & photographed on 01Mar22.