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Vintage church photo
is the focal

This is the card that went into the envelope featured yesterday:) Because I'm kind of a doofus, I lost track of the fact that the envelope was made to co-ordinate with this piece.

Notecard, vintage photo, Japanese calligraphy (& wrapping paper), sudoku puzzle, washi tape, tea bag tag, other ephemera; 2023; sony ILCE-7C with 90mm macro, f/4.5, ev +0.3, 1/125s, ISO 100, natural light; Transform, crop & scale tools applied in gimp

The jewelled red brad, vintage style black photo corners, and red plastic scotch-brand (i.e. USA made) “washi” tape was from my scrapbooking de-stashing friend; the Japanese ephemera—wrapping paper for omiyage, bits of Japanese text, the stamp from the service area—are from f2tY[1] and the vintage black and white photo was probably taken by my friend Page's dad decades ago.

closeup of front: noteblack and white cotton string [2] ; 2023; sony ILCE-7C with 90mm macro, f/2.8, ev +0.0, 1/320s, ISO 100, natural light. Transform, crop & scale tools applied in gimp

Also included are some of my favourite patterned privacy paper, polka dot tissue (also from f2tY, though I might have sent it to Japan first...) and one of the many sudoku puzzles the wizard and I did as an early pandemic activity.

interior of card, featuring doodles:) a repeating square punch design, a floral sequin modified to work with the brad, string; Transform, crop & scale tools applied in gimp

Not only was this notecard going to a treasured friend, it was going to someone who likes graphic patterns and is fascinated by religious iconography, making both the style and the imagery appropriate so I was willing to incorporate an actual, vintage photo, especially as I had authentic style glue-in photo corners of the type that would've been used when this level of technology (black and white photography) would've been common.

I was really happy with the way this one came out.

[1]collecting stamps at various public train stations and the like is a common and popular hobby in Japan

[2]which the recipient's family likes to use wrapping xmas gifts...


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