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Class of 67
coffee shop redux

Our stay in NYC was brief, because f2tE's friend had only 5 days off, and two of them had to be spent travelling to and fro. Our number one goal was to hang out and art together, so, after hitting the local Dick Blick's (the only shop that was equally fascinating to all of us)[1] we drew; then, after a break for lunch, and Fran had to go to class, we went to another coffee shop and drew some more, at least till it got to dark to see properly.

25feb2020, photographed 02mar20, lumix lx-100, natural daylight.

So I'm not really sure why a steampunk themed place would be called ‘Class of 67’—mebbe it was originally styled after The Graduate? —Which I was lucky enough to see restored, and yes the scene transitions were interesting, and the fact that these people were speaking far enough in the past (even though I was alive then) that they now had an ‘accent’ was even more interesting...but I liked the victorian decor better:) —Which is why I sketched it, adding some collage later, from the art supply bag, an artisanal Brooklyn chocolate Frances thought had cool wrapping, and one of her cut-out pieces.

Not exciting, but I enjoyed it, and I was reasonably happy with the outcome.

[1]—Fran and f2 liked thrifting, (which I find mildly interesting) Fran and I enjoy bead stores, (which f2 finds mildly interesting) and all three of them very much enjoyed the bookstore (whereas I preferred to continue hanging out, drawing)