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Floral Springy Gift Wrap
Or, pink and green, yay

A couple of someones have been very helpful to a friend of mine and me, and I wanted to show my appreciation. I couldn't do much for the fellow, but the lady in question admired a certain necklace, a big dramatic piece that I felt worked well, but have never really garnered all that much attention from anyone else. So I decided to give it to her, and when she called to tell me she was perhaps 20 minutes away, I needed to do one of my quickie wrapping jobs (because actually getting off my butt and doing it the night before would've been way too logical.)

Spring giftwrap. Transparent plastic, ribbons, tape, silk flowers

I found a box I'd painted white, and a piece of transparent plastic printed with a pink and green floral theme—possibly save from a bouquet or something. It didn't cover the box, but since it was transparent, I just taped it on in sort of a diagonal pattern.

Then I taped a rather tatty piece of wide pink ribbon (probably also from a bouquet), a matching bow, and some curling ribbon, trapping the silk fuschia between the bow and mound of curling ribbon. The green ribbon is wire-edged, a gift from my sister, and I just threaded it through. So things weren't tacked very hard.

Then, since my rhododendron bush was in bloom, I photographed the gift using the matching flowers as a backdrop. The recipient liked it enough to take the box and wrappings with her, so I was very pleased.

giftwrap & photo, 13may, file created 14may08.


2022 summery floral giftwrap 11jan2024


giftwrap with a badly edited background 15dec2023


magnolia and brown paper giftwrap, versions 1 & 2. 08nov2023


Black and red plaid, silver and black ornaments 23feb2023


Another gift using that hydrangea silk flower... 28dec2020


giftwrap in the sunflower series, using Raoul Dufy paper 30jul2020


Giftwrap with salvaged supplies featuring sunflower & pine cones 31jul2020


brown wallpaper with hydrangea giftwrap 30dec2019


a bit of image editing rescuses this garden/bouquet style silk flower gift wrap, made in Jul2014 13dec2018


Silk flowers in peaches, pinks & garnet decorate a burgundy & orange box. 07dec2018


springy lace & pink floral giftwrap. 02apr2018


light orangey pink floral giftwrap 25mar2015


Blue map giftwrap with spring flowers including tulip. 24mar2014


warm golden tones underpin this sunflower themed giftwrap 22mar2015


Summer giftwrap with autumny sunflowers—orange, yellow, blue and chromoxide green. 08aug2014


Purple, green and gold giftwrap for a New Orleans themed `Fat Tuesday' party. 20feb2013


an old post from feb 2010 is recycled with a giftwrap from 29apr2010 11jan2024


Another of my infamous quick'n'dirty just-before-the-recipient-showed-up wrap jobs collects all the floral-themed giftwrap pages. Wrapped & photo'ed 13may, post 14may08. 14may2008


Wedding gift , with a bonus baby gift. Originally posted 25jun07 25jun2007


Even just two or three minutes can improve upon simply handing a present over in the plastic the store clerk dropped it into. 02may05 05may2005


More ivory on an unusual wrapping paper 22may2004


Gift decorating as Flower Pot 22may2004


White silk flowers bloom on ivory and white paper 22may2004


Three gifts from 2003 . Sort of. (06dec03) 22may2004


Peacock feathers accent a blue-violet metallic paper 22may2004


Floral studies continue in 2002. 22may2004