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Pineapple Box
with silk flowers

Like the item featured Wednesday, this decoration was built around a commercial Japanese box, and I like the way it came out. Chrysanthemums are highly regarded in Japan, so making one the focal seems entirely appropriate, but as with so much of this, happened to be lying around. The doubled ribbon around the box is tied in such a way that the box can (pretty) easily be opened, and thus, re-used.

shot with white background. November 2018, silk flowers, raffia, ripped (vintage), flocked & fabric ribbons, commercial Japanese box. Canon EOS 60D, 18-135mm lens (50mm) f5, 1/25th sec, lumopro manual flash on white plexi. Cropped.

I liked this one so much I shot it with different backgrounds. I kinda lucked with the black background, it came out perfectly with no effort on my part, and I probably couldn't exactly reproduce this to-my-eyes perfect lighting if my life depended on it.

black plexi, shot with much the same conditions[1]

[1]I'm using a fully manual lumopro flash, and the camera doesn't track the power level of the flash, which may or may not be exactly the same as above; I'm inclined to think it probably was, or mebbe one or half a stop down, because I'm lighting for the subject, not the background.


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