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Sunflower giftwrap
sunflowers in summer

I had a bunch of gifts piling up (most notably souvenirs/omiyage from Japan) which I finally got around to wrapping. Here are two. The rather autumnish color scheme came out of the confluence of the paper (pale yellow with yellow, orange, chrom ox green and blue floral patterns) and the stuff most easily to hand that matched, including some halloween double sided orange and black ribbon.

Group shot. Wrapped and photographed 3jul14.[1]

Once I found my ribbon ripper (and discovered how nicely the olive green ribbon worked in it) I was pretty happy with these.

Paper, silk flowers, curling ribbon. Adhesives: transparent tape & hot glue.[2]

These are somewhat unusual in that there are no plastic beads; but I think those work better on larger gifts.

Paper, silk flowers, curling ribbon.

Actually the most trying aspect was photographing them. I wanted the sunflower, which is obviously the focal in both gifts, to show well in the picture. I finally resorted to the lensbaby, and its point focus, for the second gift. But I couldn't really get the effect I wanted, though with the space of couple of days, I'm happy enough with these pictures.

[1]If you're wanting a sense of scale, the smaller box is one of those specialty tea bag box that holds 20 individually wrapped bags of tea.

[2]I couldn't do this style of gift decoration without it!


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