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Pale blue & white rose giftwrap
Or, time to try out the new storage

This is another example of the silk flower/ribbon style, with streamers of beads.

Way back when, I actually bought a bunch of new storage containers to hold my ribbons and bows. —When I whined about the stagnation of my life in the intro to this post the changes, like those in the soil during the cold months were already slowly happening: the wizard and I went to ikea and bought some shelves to organize the basement storage back in January and at the same time I finally called it quits on the milk crates I'd scavanged from various trash piles for the giftwrapping area, and got some plastic storage cabinets with drawers.

box measures 12x9-1/2x7”. wrapping paper, silk rose, plastic pearls, fine tulle, ribbon, bows, old ornaments, hot glue. jun07

They still remain to be completely organized and filled, but I love them already. As I do the splendid collection of bows my wonderful sister in law found for me. The metallic blue one used in this gift has a very subtle edging of slightly darker blue you should be able to see if you click on the enlargement. I saw a lovely transparent box filled with really premium pink bows sitting on a shelf in her basement, and was dying to know where she got them (eek, buy new, expensive bows? Oh, how the mighty have fallen...) but she wasn't sure; but in due course these showed up with a post note “for Sylvus” when I visited and now I finally got to use one.


This is quite a bit smaller, maybe 6” long. But I gave it to the recipient before thinking to measure.

Originally I'd thought to do this in something suitably pastel-y, but the parents are among the few people I've seen who managed to do the classic gold-touched look without it being pretentious or hopelessly stodgy. So, since I had this lovely heavy paper (from Page, of course;) I used it and a lot of gold and silver bows.

I'm afraid it proved primarily to be a bit of warmup for the other, as it is not classic, but hopelessly, glitzily over-blinged. Ah well. The gift inside is one of those silver dumbbell shaped baby rattles, which I at least think shows I have taste, on the rare occasions I care to exercise it;)

File originally created 25jun07.


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