Warming up:
New beads for a New Year

As I mentioned back in November (that is, 2–3 months ago) I was on hiatus, pretty much, from beadmaking for much of 2020; but now one of my beadmaking buddies is back in town,[1] and that's been rather inspiring.[2]

black and white minis, mostly spot'n’streak, but some layered dots as well.

Generally when I've been away from something and don't feel like jumping right into difficult projects I was doing when last I left off, I start with easy warmups. Besides being a great way to use up and/or test random stringer, and a nice looking effect to boot, spot'n’streaks are just about as easy as it gets; he layered dots were just challenging enough:) when I wanted to put just the smallest bit of effort in.

dichro solids, with a few minis thrown in.

When I was feeling for just a bit more of a challenge than the dots, I tried doing some dichro solids, from scraps without perfectly identified provenance (IOW, I didn't wanna mix ’em with the rest of my 104 to discover they were 90...)

gold leaf minis

Since I had a repair that called for a gold leaf bead, I tried making one, along with some minis: I have a couple of ideas where specifically black and gold minis might be useful, so why not? This also allowed me to plow through a mix of shorts and stringers; the 066 is great for trailing, the standard 064 black I made into base beads:)

introducing some red into the mix...note the three ivory beads on the right, with varying levels of purplish-to-black trailing: on the mandrel testing for dense 066 black[3]

Once I actually used up most of the black scrap, I made some translucent red with gold, because I'm still thinking about doing something in that colourway...

[1]Yay for powerful ventilation—which after all is designed to suck nasties out of the room, albeit, more from the torch openings than our own mouths.

[2]To be sure, the political situation, and the hope for vaccines has also been heartening.

[3]You don't wanna mix the basically identical looking 064 and 066 black rods because the latter costs roughly 8–10x the former.