Red Minihollows,
Or, yes people do like the itty bitties!

So I had an equiry for itty bitty hollows. After several email back and forth I made these samples, which measure 8x6mm (pretty much) and sent this image off to my customer, who responded with, Great. And also, how do I pay? something we starving-artist types always love to hear.

So I've been trying to get to the torch ever since, except this week the f2 generation is off from school. Which means, even if they aren't constantly interrupting me for one reason or t'other, I'm having to take them to appointments. Oh, and replace our dying car, oh, joy, just how I wanted to spend the middle of my week.

Hollow lampwork glass beads, about 8x6mm. .045” mandrel?, hi-graphite super-easy release. Mar/Apr 2008.

As it happens, I have not one but at least two customers who want them, and for completely different projects, which is always sort of cool. So, guess I'd better update the price list, as I can now offer them for $9 retail. Which just goes to show, if you the artist love something and are passionate about making it, likely other people will too, even if you haven't the faith they'll buy it.

Yes, today, we are being blatantly commercial.

File created 10apr08.