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Red wool, green beads
the series continues...

Here is the fourth in a 2015 (sub)series of bead embroidered pouches made from a garnet red sweater.[1]

zipper insertion in progress. 06 sep2015, Sony RX100. I speedily learned that I did not have the skills to machine sew a curved zipper on this scale. This got ripped out and redone, by hand.

Those of you who can count are probably wondering where number 3 in this series is; the answer is, still in progress.[2] Unlike the first two pouches, which were made from the ends of sleeves, these are actual pockets which I detached from the rest of the sweater. After starting at least 4 projects in the black/white|ivory/red color scheme, I decided to make some green and red pieces—I mean, I have all this flat-bead malachite, not to mention some absolutely gorgeous poison-green silk. That and a ribbon scrap formed the basis for this piece.

5 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches. Flash photography with the E620 and despite setting the white balance, it's a tad on the blue side. Photographed 14sep15 wool, silk, ribbon, beads

Some lime and emerald green ribbon completed the patchwork applique. In addition to malachite, I also dug up some black and green vintage pressed glass (more of those so-fun cornered cubes, drilled like the dice of the prior pouch shown.) There's a little hand embroidery, most notably with lime green cotton 25 floss (3 strands) which serves among other things to prevent ravelling, but the patchwork is held in place primarily with the bead embroidery.

Showing dark green silk interior. Completed 07sep2015 (possibly started 06sep2015...)

[1]The main series starts with the rhyolite pouches.

[2]There's also a tan sort-of wool drawstring bag as well...