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Green Rosary
well, it only took three years or so...

I was requested to make the components for a first communion rosary. Despite my heavy reservations concerning the RCC, this is a gift I was happy to make. The giver was having a terrible time finding the correct wire to put the thing together, which as I had to order it[1] from Rio Grande (despite several good jewelers’ supplies in my area) made perfect sense.

Rosary. Sterling silver and hollow glass lampwork beads, completed 2015.[2]

To speed things up a little, I helped by assembling this one. Yay, rosary pliers.

This is not a particularly difficult project for someone with basic lampworking and metalworking skills to make. You'll need a jeweler's saw to cut out the cross and centerpiece (preferably with lubricant), which as I recall is 18 gauge (mebbe 16?); files to smooth the edges; 3mm letter and number stamps if you want to personalize the cross and centerpiece and a number of lampwork beads—say, 53 small and 6 large, preferable made on small mandrels (.045"), though 1/16" will work; and 19 gauge half hard silver wire to assemble the piece. Oh, drill bits and 4.5 mm (or similar) soldered jump rings to set off the our father beads..

[1]19 gauge half-hard, if you're curious.

[2]The recipient's initials and communion date is stamped, but the reverse is shown for privacy reasons.