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Time to clean this page up. I've decided to organize some of related pages on their own subindex pages; hopefully this will help. I welcome suggestions for improvements to these howto pages.

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natural light may not be informative, but it's cool...

The picture will take you offsite to page of Lisa Walsh of Abednego Beads demonstrating that I created for Glassact251; I don't have pictures, but here's a link to my notes about the Thompson Enamel 7000/8000 series for ‘Spectrum and Bullseye’ (sort of....) 20Oct04


updated 24apr07


Summary of my experiences with Joy Munshower's Surf'n'Turf class 26oct2015


index for the howtoglassbead pages–many of these pages need a lot of work.


Frances Ross' instructions for glass bead bunny rabbits. 04apr2014


excerpt of a letter about my kiln & controller adventures. 17jan10 .


Scaramouche or Severus Snape, this fella with the lank black hair and big nose has provided me with hours of beadmaking amusement. Originally posted 06jan10. 06jan2010


This page collects the howto subindex pages or individual howto pages. 05jan10. 05jan2010


Another post explaining how a bead design evolved . Originally posted 30apr09. 30apr2009


A series of large hollow pressed focal with pressed daisy motif, made with pi glass . Originally posted 07apr09. 07apr2009


This doesn't really belong in the howto section, as there's precious little how-to, but as it's a component, I didn't really know where else to put this ribbon cane post . Originally posted 21oct08. 22oct2008


Collects the stringer/cane recipe posts. 19oct2008


This pair of beads is my first dual pixie lot , at least that I can recall. Originally posted 15may08. 15may2008


Each pair of beads on these mandrels has something in common. Originally posted 24apr07 24apr2007


Why yes as a matter of fact you can put two hollow beads with no marvering on one mandrel. 23apr2007


`Tessallation' is made by twisting dots. 19dec2005


tink vessel (23may05, taken down 14jun05)


Collects the floral howto bead pages. Mostly floral cane recipes, with a twist dot floral tut. Compare to the index page collecting stringer recipes...lotta overlap. 01jun2005


My initial howto post for making dichro solids. Shows an assortment. 21may2005


Using fused strips/scrap to maked multi-colored (stripey) designer sized beads 09may2005


This is a 2-color bead challenge I did many years ago. 02may2005


Collects together pix of my various studios over the years. 25mar2005


Shows the steps in making the GLBG's 10th anniversary commemorative bead. 22may2004


This page goes into more detail for the actual design process, as well as the cane manufacture, for the GLBG's 10th anniversary commemorative bead(s). 22may2004


Sylvus Tarn's Tips & Tricks for Making and Cleaning Hollow Beads 22may2004


How to put a hollow bead on mandrel. Or 2, if youlike. 22may2004


Okay, so cleaning and drilling beads is not very thrilling. Doing it, however, will add to the appearance and professionalism of your beads, though. 22may2004


This is a howto, but features curliQs 22may2004