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Hearts for Valentine's
Glassact's 2020 February Exchange

Our guild has various challenges, and hearts is one of my favourites. Unfortunately I didn't have much time for this year's challenge—mebbe an hour, certainly less than two—to bang this one of 12 or 16(!) beads out. Since the colours chosen were red, pink and white (and gold is technically yellow) I decided to mix up white frits and powders to make these.

Lumix LX100. f1.7, 1/250sec, EV -0.3, shot the morning of the meeting. The bright one is actually orange, not red, but I actually preferred this slightly underexposed image, as it emphasizes the specular highlights glittering on the beads.

I quickly cleaned (and ground) the beads, and off I went.

E620, with the lensbaby. This image has a bit of post processing.