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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Ladybird Beetle
in beads and threads

I love making art and loathe selling it. This piece, then, was to be a collaboration in which a partner furnished me with clothing & an idea, which I would execute, and they would then sell.

2016, E620. Linen, thread, and assorted beads, some lampworked by me.

So far as I know the piece was never put up for sale, mostly because my partner fell into the trap of wanting her instagram/etsy/social media to be ‘perfect’ and as we all know, when you start, it's anything but.

However, I have hopes that someday we'll figure out a protocol, and in the meantime, just seeing this piece again makes me happy. It was a fun little project, reminiscent of my very earliest business efforts.