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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
that's not made into beads

Actually, come to think of it, I've made a fair amount of stuff that's not beads: marbles, plant markers (beads stuck on mandrels, some deliberately), weird fused crap, and now, knobs. Knobs are like buttons, without holes. (Buttons are beads. Highly specialized, but beads.)*

And now ornaments** join the mix.


friday fugly featuring a failed unicorn... 06dec2019


2019 UFS unicorn horn xmas ornament 04dec2019


UFS 2018 unicorn horn ornaments 03dec2019


the 2018 murrini cane for UFS 02dec2019


Collects the glass-button pages. 29mar2006


Representational sculptural glass objects without holes, mostly boro. 13feb2006


Sub-index page collecting together all the blown glass ornament posts. 28jan06 28jan2006


Knobs file created 08jun05. See also the related chest of drawers post, featuring those same knobs. (file created aug 26 2005?) 09jun2005


I just love scraps. One of my glass beadmaking acquaintances made the deadly mistake of publicly admitting that she found dealing with her rod ends daunting. Now then, short pieces can be stuck together, but the joins tend to have bubbles, and to heat-shock; and cut ends once again will be bubb...


*file originally created 08jun05; **(updated 27jan06), new summary & crop image 12apr14


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