Friday fugly fail:

Glass sculpture is all about controlling your heat zones, cuz if you go back to something, it often cracks, as the back end of this little unicorn sculpture did here.

unicorn sculpture fail–shot with the lensbaby, since that was what was on the camera, and do all those flaws really all need to be sharp focus throughout?

If it isn't obvious, I thought it would be cute to make a little (25–35mm) unicorn sculpture with the leftover twistie from the horn ornaments. At first I was gonna give it an orange mane, not to mention little ears, but those things quickly got edited out by my need to severely simplify: but I still failed. Every time I tried to fix something, more cracks. I finally dumped it in the water in frustration.

Still, I love horses, so I would like to make them. This time, from the rear end (which is traditional for figures.) But I expect there will be a lot more failure in my future, before I can make them reliably. That's ok.