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This index has needed some cleaning up for awhile not least because it serves as a clearinghouse for a lot of glass-related topics.

Where and how to buy my stuff.

Obstensibly the point of this website is sell my crap. Some day, when I'm starving, I'll treat this aspect a little more seriously; currently, I just need to get the old stuff out of the house so I keep making new things. Though, yes, you can buy direct I recommend patronizing one of these fine bead shops instead: you can touch (not to mention purchase all sorts of co-ordinating goodies, get that face-to-face time, and all that other good stuff)

Glass Objects


Glass Guilds

I belong to GlassAct251, a glass bead guild. Check out some my fellow beadmakers’ work by clicking on the member sites link.


I also belong to Northern Lights, but they don't have a website (as far as I can tell) just a tedious yahoo groups thingie. (To be fair, so does GlassAct, but it wasn't my idea.) The new group in Toledo doesn't have a name yet, let alone a website. See also the ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) which now has a new, officially hired director, who seems to be at least making an effort to keep the controversies under control. Who knows, maybe some day the censorship problems on the forum will go away, or at least be addressed in a somewhat sensible manner. But if you want to see exotic glass toys, check out the glass forum on Wetcanvas instead.

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