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Studio Chest of Drawers,
Or, how I flaked on learning to use power tools...

At last, this little project is done. A while back, I documented the pulls; the wizard kindly finished this project for me, glueing together my misshapen drawers, mounting the drawer slide hardware, and just generally making the thing work. In the process we even bought a jack plane and tuned it, which is to say, I watched him doing a lot of sanding. He offered to let me help, but I was tired enough to prefer watching.

the finished object, with a backdrop of flowers;[1] click on image for full-size version.

I did however, make the knobs (except for putting in epoxy threaed inserts inside—he did that too) and paint. I couldn't find the rubber gloves I wanted to use, so I tried my usual ‘background of color’ effect using a brush instead. That was interesting. Then, this being latex paint, I had to seal it with some sort of clear coating which I'm sorry to say was a) full of toluene and xylene and other extremely toxic hydrocarbons b) from a spray can, since brushing it on dissolves latex paint, as I discovered when we tried sealing a chair I painted some years ago.

But at least I didn't have to use more petrochemicals cleaning a brush, right? —And I'm very happy with the finished project. It will go under my steel workbench to the left of my knees, and the dvd/cd player will now have a properly sized base. And those bottom two drawers are just the right size to hold 1# jars of bullseye frits.

Yippee. Oh, I suppose I should give dimensions. Later....file originally created 26aug05. Update: went back to original photographic directory /DigitalCamera/2005/20050826 & converted original .tif to .jpg to give full-size; noted in caption. Also, added garden & painting tags, 18sep17

[1]Oh! those zinnias! No longer enough sun to grow those in 2017. Otoh, the little oak trees I let spring up in that location are 8 or 10’ high as of 2017...