otherwise known as twisted dots

This subindex page collects my posts on tessellated beads, which are also commonly called twisted dot (for the technique) or harlequin (for the shape, which is generally diamond like). As I've noted ad nauseum, Lani Ching is perhaps the best known beadmaker working in this technique. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, neither she nor her husband James Allen Jones have a website, though her work has been published in a number of places. She has a brief demo of the twisted dot technique in Cindy Jenkins’ Beads of Glass.

Nor am I the only person to be awed and inspired by her work; so has Terri Caspari Schmidt.


Noah Deledda makes marvelous aluminum can sculptures featuring 3D tessellations. 25apr2018


feb lauscha bead challenge has some incompatibility issues 08mar2016


Another brown mini-beadcurtain strand. 26jan2016


super sturdy dead mouse in blue and yellow 26sep2012


An old page from 19may2012 features an equally old beadcurtain strand photographed 29may2012. 14nov2017


I have this batch of coe96 glass lying about and though mebbe someday I might want to get into 96—it does, after all, have all those luscious furnace colors—but seeing as I've already got 104, 90 and 32 to play with (in various incarnations) I figure that's enough different types of glass to ...


How I got from dotties to harlequins . (With some minor not-quite-friday-fugly-worthy efforts along the way.) Here are some originally posted 18dec09. 18dec2009


I love making twisted dot beads, aka harlequins . Here are some originally posted 17dec09. 17dec2009


4 tessellation beads Originally posted 06oct06 07oct2006


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Twisted dot bead Originally posted 29aug06 29aug2006


`Tessallation' is made by twisting dots. 19dec2005


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