Turquoise, lime and orange harlequins
Or, how I love to twist dots!

These beads are made with shorts, that I have a lot of (to use up. Always, the using up, with me. Sigh.) I start with an opaque turquoise base, cased with dark trans aqua, dotted with pea (or whatever lime is called in the effetre palette) and twisted with orange. And yes, I pull out a stringer from a full size rod, as that gives me considerably more torque.

hollow twisted dot effetre beads. Largest roughtly 5/8x7/8"[1]

Interestingly enough, I got good enough to make these on 1/16 mandrels with either krag mud or zippy release, both of which are easy releasing. I do have to let the bead harden sufficiently before starting to twist, or distorts the overall shape. Also, I like ’em better without the green being completely melted in.

I like the way the narrow depth of field helps to pop the beads in front. Also the way the transparent aqua casing helps to pop the opaque lime.

They're certainly not perfect, and I have a long ways to go before I equal Terri Casperi Schmidt's ‘500 blue Lani Ching beads.’ —The last time I made documented some—in bullseys, but still using that lime green—was in 2006. Given that kind of spacing, I don't think either of them have to worry about me catching up any time soon.

Another view. Yeah, not only does my dot spacing often suck, my casing is appalling. What else is new?

Tomorrow, I'll show how I came up with this variation.

photos 8 & 16dec09; file created 17dec09; minor corrections, esp to links, 18dec09

[1]Yeah, I lost my caliper. Again.