Blue Orange Harlequins
Or, more fun with tessellation in coe96

I have this batch of coe96 glass lying about and though mebbe someday I might want to get into 96—it does, after all, have all those luscious furnace colors—but seeing as I've already got 104, 90 and 32 to play with (in various incarnations) I figure that's enough different types of glass to deal with.

4 harlequin/twisted dot/tessellation beads. Leftmost bead is 11x18mm. Cased, trailed, hollow, pi or uroborous (or a combo) 96 glass lampwork beads, late 2009 or early 2010.

One reason I've kinda held off on the furnace glass is that with all those manufacturers out there, not to mention a wider range of techniques for which the glass is used, compatibility would slide into this spectrum, requiring a lot of testing. To be sure, I know how to do thread tests; but they're not perfect and can take up a lot of time. On the other hand, there are many luscious colors out there. Beckoning. With their evil siren song.[1]

As much as I would like there to be the perfect glass, the fact of the matter is in the real world there are always compromises. With which I must live;)

corrected spelling, added tags, 05mar16

[1]Of course, those were my feelings before I had the adventures with the 068 trans pink cracking over ivory...