Red, Lime & Turquoise
blast from the past, beadcurtain edition

This page—and the image depicted in it—were both made in May of 2012.

Beadcurtain strand, photographed 29may2012 with a 50mm zuiko macro lens mounted on an olympus E620.

which was a bunch of years ago, so besides the fact that it's now in a private collection—I don't have it, at any rate—I can make a few observations:

  • the vaguely birdlike objects are actually fish, made by someone else
  • the silver-leaf focal towards the bottom was made in 2010, and was one of the first beads I made after getting hit by a car
  • The blue and green abstract next to it was perhaps my favourite early colourway, which my partner & I gave the not entirely original name of ‘Monet’ (for the waterlilies). Oddly enough these early faves don't have their own page, though there are a couple of broaches featuring them.
  • the twisted dot beads were made in 2009
  • the malachite green beads with purple dots are German glass, probably Reichenbach green
  • why yes, that yellow bead with the flush green dots would be a failed dottie, why do you ask?

Actually, I rather like this piece, and am happy to have discovered it again.