Super Sturdy Dead Mouse
or, ancient coe96 harlequin gets a new lease on life

I had some compatibility issues with the 96 glass making up the focal of this mouse, but after umpty-ump years, I think this bead is here to stay. I happen to be quite fond of it, because it has the subtle variation in the tessellations that mark the best of Lani Ching's work.[1]

Since the orange dead mouse broke for the person to whom I gave it (because it wasn't designed for the use to which she put it) I decided come up with one that might actually survive being attached to one's car keys, as opposed to hanging from a key that typically lives in a lock[2]

Super-sturdy dead mouse. Steel and copper wire, glass, beadalon. Assembled September 2012 from beads made, I would guess anytime in the last 5 or more years.

Since dead mice tend to fail high up on the ‘tail’, I jointed the large bead, the next set of smaller beads, and the beadalon section, using copper for the largest bead, and steel for the second lot. It's not particularly coherent, but it did allow me to try both materials.

Frankly, I'm not thrilled with the joints, but I thought the colors worked together surprisingly well. And it's nice to feature the cylinder focal, despite its imperfections[3] –I thought I'd featured it in the past, but if so, I evidently failed to tag it.

[1]Specifically, the green (at the top) and the orange (lower down) over yellow. This glass, like many bullseye opals, is somewhat translucent, which means the subtle color shifts are possible—something far more difficult to achieve with the truly opaque effetre cadmium colors, frex.

[2]So, of course, she hung it from her rearview mirror—just the kind of life perfect for the original...:

[3]Bad twisting/snapping off, most notably.