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cropHappy Juneteenth, everyone, a day late.

This is another one of those pages dug out of the archives, because it's so hot if I try to photograph beads that would appropriate, I think my camera lenses would fog because of the cooler basement temps. (My glasses did fog, just from washing them in cold tap water!) We have heat index warnings that I'm sure are laughable to the southern bits of the US, but the temps and humidity were, honestly, part of the reason I dug this page out of the depths: a reminder of my visit to New Orleans—it was hot and sticky too.


cropI was super lucky because although sakura 桜 was over in Kyoto, they were still blooming in the mountains, so I got to see them and later-blooming flowers such as peonies (& even roses—I was there for a month), the best of both worlds.

So this is another thing that makes me happy.



cropBecause I'm a doofus I can't find the kumihimo I so carefully documented and for which I've made almost complete webpages, & which I presume is floating around this place somewhere, though darned if I know where...and given that it took me days to find a bookbag of my favourite art supplies despite its being parked in the living room right by the front door, dog only knows how long it will take me to find this stuff.

So in the meantime, a couple of rather random pix taken during my trip to Japan. Like Pride, this sort of thing just makes me happy.



cropHappy pride month, everyone!

I knew there were a bunch of different pride flags (my favourite is the pink and purple lesbian one, which is locally popular but not actually on that link:) and that there were some variations on the old male/female symbols (circle with cross, circle with arrow, circle with both) but until I saw one of my neighbor wearing some truly awesome earrings I didn't know any of the others, such as the plain circle, or a circle with just a stick. The coolest one was definitely the circle with the asterisk—

—Which, lucky for me just happens to be for nonbinary. Awesome:)

As with the flags, there tends to be more than one version, along with the assumption that you can just pick what you like. I like this newer version better because instead of being ‘made up’ of the traditional male arrow and female cross, or variations of them, it's own thing, and has the streamlined simplicity of the more common gender sumbols: 1 circle with one doodad.

I probably should just bought the fun plastic version of these earrings, but I wanted smaller, more delicate ones in sterling. And where, with all the other projects I have queued up, am I gonna have time to make those?

Anyway. Our town's pride was awesome, because just about everyone dressed up in fun outfits, often rainbow coloured, though there were plenty of other delightful clothes and shoes; but besides the colour, was the sheer joy and vibe. Food stalls! Flags! Roller skates! Bubble blowing! Music and dancing! I can't think of many festival type activities in the USA equivalent to matsuri but this is one where I think wearing yukata would actually be appropriate (especially if one had a rainbow coloured obi;) because while Pride—any summer USian celebration, really—is gonna be a bit looser in some ways (even in summer, Japanese typically don't expose their knees, elbows or collarbones, let alone midriffs) it just had the same happy community/outdoor food stall/wandering around & running-into-your-neighborhood-friends feeling.

But as I don't generally like to post pictures of people, have some lovely pink dogwood flowers instead.


cropHi everybody, hope your spring (or fall) is going well. —Shortly after the last post I got tickets for, and started planning a trip to, Japan, where I spent a month, mostly in my favourite city, Kyoto. After that, I had a couple of weeks to get over jet lag, and then did my first kayaking retreat of the season, for which I again needed some recovery time.

So I've been a bit busy, though admittedly a fair portion of my time has been the usual messing about. Speaking of which, after basically being MIA for nearly two months, I really need to do something about the garden...

But while I procrastinate on those weeds, I thought I'd post something, in this case a graduation giftwrap.




いまは ウェブページ の四千。

Hey, everyone! Today's page is the 4000th one:)

Yes, I know it's arbitrary and kinda stupid, (especially since not all the pages are even live—I have no idea how many finished/accessible pages are on the site, but enough to make navigating it a pain—ごめん・sorry!)

また、日本へ行きて、日本語で 勉強 (べんきょう)します。

Web-logs were a new and exciting thing back in ’96 when I hand-coded the very earliest pages to this site (in HTML); and now they're outdated, a dying form a generation later; but I still enjoy this little online diary, and would like to take this opportunity to give thanks (感謝・かんしゃ) for all the inspiration, collaboration and help I've received over the years—to my friends, to the f2s, and especially the wizard (魔法使い:まほうつか/mahoutsikai is a word you learn pretty quickly if you watch a lot of fantasy anime [ たくさんの ファンタジー のアニメ見ている];) without whom this site wouldn't be possible (nor, in fact, my glass bead studio...)

It's been hard at times, but I'm deeply grateful.

And here's a page featuring some awesome socks by one of those dear friends・友達 ともだち。 Take care, everyone/みなさんは、行ってらっしゃい。。。