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cropIt was dark, rainy and cold when I came home from helping my friend with her drywall; the world seemed very closed in and alien. So here's a link about a kind way to address the problem of Alzheimers’ patients, whose memories—and thus view of the world—seems like it must be permanently blinkered: fake bus stops in German (old folks’) homes are a good way to stop alzheimer patient wandering. But of course to work, people have to develop the lifelong habit of taking the bus. Which means having a decent public transportation system to make developing the habit worthwhile....

Or, here's a shirt that I dyed last year about this time. This one was a gift, so it won't be in the November First Friday collection, but I'll have other pieces in the series:)


cropMebbe it's the rain that's got me in a slightly foul, vengeful mood—I originally found the not-always-right website via a lovely, sweet tearjerker—their all-time, 10th anniversary fave posted on some other site, which I've completely lost track of...these other two, were #2 and #4(?) respectively. The bra-ced one would be a great companion piece to Jessica Abel's 1 page comic ‘Oh! My Sisters!’

The other, Karkut, Thor and Loki walk into a bar fast food joint is for the male allies:)

Or you can read about another hand-painted project, part of my series of upcycled clothing I'll be featuring for the November First Friday.


cropAs we shift from summer to autumn weather, a giftwrap featuring seasonal flowers—annual sunflowers & chrysanthemums—seems appropriate. Plus, I am getting ready for a November First Friday show with clothing inspired by henna designs, such as this one:)

If that's a little staid & stationary for your taste, check out this cool, fun animation of one of those victorian spinny animatey thingies:)


cropWhenever I'm making art—and I'm part of a group show opening this Friday, plus I will be participating in a First Friday event in November, for which, ideally,I should have at least 20 pieces—I tend not to post as much. But, having starting making webpages again, I thought I'd try to maintain that trend.

Today's page was stubbed out 13 and a half years ago, but remained merely a title until the tools the wizard reminded me I had helped me to find this abandoned page. So I dug up some floral pix from that era, & slotted them in.

About the time I created this page, I would have returned from my first overseas bike trip in Vietnam. I was putting up a series of machine embroidery pages and probably duplicated and/or lost track of the stub at that time. I didn't have the two-part post/work scheme I do now, but I was certainly very unhappy with the then-current administration. Little did I know what was in store...!

But, eventually things got better. These photos persisted for over a decade on my hard drive, and I do, in fact, dimly remember taking them: more, the feelings I had taken them, of joy and engagement. Life—and art moves on, however erratically and we do the best we can.

The phrase that comes to mind is, ‘be well everybody’. Or as well as you can be. In that vein, I offer my version of cat videos, aka flowerpix.


cropI guess Puerto Rico if finally getting some supplies in, though now we have yet new horrors to push their plight into the background...if ever we needed a cat video, now is the time, so here's one—just what it says on the tin: blind kitty hugs phone playing music by his rescuer.

The page went live but I failed to link it or tag it, so it's remained buried since July. Whoops.


cropToday, we have font links:)

Via pharyngula a pretty cool link to someone's calligraphically illustrated mathbook. I'm sorry to say I'm still learning how to do that copperplate style fancy scrolling, and this girl had it down by the age of 13. Using feathers, no less!

Via bb, a typography historian shares his favourite typefaces.. I certainly agree with his first example! The others are, hm, interesting, too. (The assembly one looks like it was tailor made for TeX...) Anyway, must persuade my library—actually any of the three libraries to which I have card—to buy his "book."

Or you can see my photography index, with my latest round of (boring, sorry) tips for shooting jewelry. You get a very nice shot of one Kristin Perkin's latest designs, though, so it's not completely wasted.