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Fog and mist
2017 tree lined street

I took this image just about exactly 7 years ago, in late January of 2017; when I edited it (last week) the weather was akin to this. (Now, finally, temps have dropped to zero, and we have snow on the ground...)

Tree lined street. 21jan2017, Panasonic lumix LX 100, f/2.8, ev -1.0, 1/2000s, ISO 200, WB: cloudy; some editing in gimp 10jan24 to remove distractions, cropping, scaling to 4000 pixels (click for full size)

Since this is supposed to be artistic photography, I edited out some distracting white blots—either newspapers or little snow clumps—in the city lawn, softened the windows in the houses, and removed an auto in the distance.

I really like the way mist and fog soften the distance; it's subject matter to which I return sporadically but unfailingly.


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