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Sock reprise
in purple and green

I owe my friend Posy a lot: perhaps the greatest gift she's given me (over and above her friendship, of course;) was teaching me how to do knit crochet tubes. I seldom do these anymore[1] since taking up disk kumi, because the latter satisfies many of the reasons I do the former, except even more so—the kumi is easier to do in low-light conditions (no tiny stitches to dig in size 14/2mm crochet hook into, let alone stab yourself with), it's lighter, and it travels more robustly, and honestly, I find more uses for the finished project, which when you think about it, is similar: a fancy sort of cording:)[2]

Purple and green socks; 2 colour knitting; 26feb24, sony ILCE-7c, lensbaby sweet 35; widest f-stop, 1/500s, ISO auto, WB, auto; cropped and slightly colour adjusted[3]

But Posy also taught me how to make socks, and the very first pair I made was in my favourite colour scheme, purple and green. I tried a variety of techniques, including the two-colour knitting shown here, and also lace, but never got past the hump of failures to make socks without a lot of struggle and futzing; as much fun as they are, there are so many other enjoyable things to try, and as it happens I've been able to beg artisan hand-knit socks from knitters far more gifted (& less lazy—even plain socks, let alone these fancy ones, are a lot of work!) than I am.

Posy and I didn't see each other a great deal since COVID, and I worried that circumstances might be carrying each other away.

Obviously not!

I was truly delighted to receive these, in my favourite colours, and beloved patterns—hexagons, celtic lace, not to mention those fabulous altnerating purple and green stitches at the heel: note the wonderful variation in scale between the hexes (largest) to the interlace (medium) to the heel (fine). Other details to note by this master knitter are the double roll cuff and nylon re-inforced toes.

Awesome. This expression of love and care makes me so happy;)

[1]This is the only other page featuring the technique....

[2]There is, however, one big advantage to the bead crochet tubes, which is there's no noise—the faint clacking of the plastic sewing machine bobbins I use as たま・tama is extremely distracting to partially Deaf folk who use certain kinds of hearing aids.

[3]Cuz doofus forgot to change the WB from auto to cloudy...


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