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I took a bicycle tour to Vietnam in April and May of 2004. Here are some pix and a travelog of my experiences. (Most recent pages added 31oct04)


Late summer flower pix, shot on Ypsi-Ann Arbor bike path along the Huron river (taken 16aug04; posted 20aug); And some late spring flower pix mostly shot during a Saturday morning ride near Chelsea, on the AATBS route between A2 & Dexter (and on to Chelsea) featuring a nice clump of columbines (taken 29may; posted 29aug); finally, here's the original post in this series, flora and fauna shot on Ypsi-Ann Arbor bike paths, including dames’ rocket, and one each of yellow and blue flags.


Yet more flower pix taken while on a road trip to Minnesota this June. This page could be summed up as “Romantic shots of pretty pink weeds”. (posted 19aug04)


A few pix taken around Portland, OR, mostly of Chinese, Japanese and International Rose Test Gardens. 14aug04