Extravagant Abstracts Redux
or, the Bumpies ride again

Well, I know I promised a post that showed my dreadful early efforts at making red bumpies, but it ain't happened, and though there are images floating around somewhere, I don't think it's gonna happen. Suffice to say they were ugly and awful. It's not as if I haven't posted plenty of my other mediocrities and outright failures, after all.

Bumpy Abstracts, 2006. Effetre and other 104 coe soda lime glasses, thompson enamels, artist and pre-manufactured frits, gold leaf.

This subindex page collects together what I call the Extravagant Abstracts, or, more mundanely, bumpy abstracts. The 2006 series was originally posted during May and June 06

See also the Original Bumpy Abstracts:

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