in pink & yellow

Like the pendant featured yesterday, this small (6.5" long) dead mouse was was a gift, this time for JSftY's sister, who specified the colours: pink and yellow.

Dead mouse, with frit and powder abstract lentil pressed bead, which like the mouse itself was made on 20jun17

Thanks go to treefort bikes, not only for a) selling me a great bike[1] b) recognizing 7 years later that I'd purchased it from them[2] & c) giving me a bunch of presta valve locking rings for dead mice!

reverse. Basemetal findings, but heavy duty beadalon stringing material.

Like the larger pink lentil, this bead is based on an older design, and I thought it came out fairly well; not much else to say, though I hope the recipient enjoys it.

[1]Back in 2010, after my old one was ruined by getting hit by a car...

[2]Evidently it comes with minor tuneups now and then...