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the various and sundry creations of sylvus tarn
Anybody can do That!

Well...not exactly. Of the 20 or 30 media (including variations) I've tried, stringing remains perhaps my favorite. It certainly is the craft I've practiced longest and feel most competent.

Because the initial learning curve is so low and the initial outlay so small (you can buy all the tools you need for $50), and because, frankly, it's so often so badly done, beadstringing has an undeserved reputation as not being “real” art.

I beg to differ. It's the idea, not the medium, that ultimately makes the difference. I would even argue that it's the idea, not virtuosity, that really counts. That said, stringing can be as challanging and difficult to do as any other medium. Beadstringing may look simple, but to make a long lasting and attractive necklace requires some attention to detail. There are tips and tricks to stringing, as with everything else.

I've done a fair amount of work on this part of the site, lately. Whether I'll ever get around to scanning some of the really old images (those available on paper or film) remains to be seen, but I think the following gives some idea of my ideas. I should note, though the posts are fairly new (as of 2002) many of piece depicted are as much as a decade old. Enjoy.

An idea a decade or more old finally comes to fruition—with a couple of techniques (bead crochet and glass beadmaking) added along the way.


An actual new piece of stringing, the first in months. Multistrand garnet, onyx, glass and silver necklace with antique curliQ focal, ending with 8 strands of fringe. (Well, not counting those two bracelets I made for my sister, that I had to cobble together without access to my studio and its thousands of beads...or even my friend Page's studio and its thousands of beads:) 17sep04


Bead curtain, or how to use up bad beads...—new sep/02


The start of a series...


...and it continues to evolve.


Cats and fish chase each other in a silvery sea—new sep/02


Though the necklace is old, the page is new. (07dec03)


Two old necklaces in one of my classic patterns get posted. (28jan04)


Early freeform designs, one by Page Kaczynski


3 strand fantasy—another old necklace (new page, 27dec03)


My favorite transparent stone, or two tourmaline necklaces, one showing ‘2into1’


Serpentine & shell strung with kumi'ed silk


Unakite in many hues


My favorite opaque stone, or The multi-strand into a silk braid reaches its height


Trading is fun: polymer clay by Imagine


Pink rhodonite flower serves as an accent