Other Artists' Beads
Or, I've been lucky enough to trade for these Fantastic Beads...!

With the exception of the Kim Fields floral, which I've linked to her demo on the GlassAct251 site, I've traded for all of the beads shown below. I really like this custom amongst glass beadmakers of trading and feel incredibly fortunate to have the privilege of receiving these lovely beads and thank everyone who has traded with me. I've attempted to credit all the beads correctly, but some I admit to some sloppiness when I just started—so if I've mistakenly credited your bead to someone else, my profound apologies; please let me know so I can correct the error. Each of the thumbnails should take you to a page with one or more images on it.

Please note: these designs are copyright, with all rights reserved, by their respective creators.

Kristin Perkins, silver smith and glass beader, makes a retro line with clean line and clear colors. file created & added 25jun06


I have several really lovely trades from Gathering this year, but so far, Kim Fields’ are the only ones I've managed to document, and my photography is less than stellar. But her work is so beautiful, I figure, better imperfect than never....file added 9sep05


Trades from Gathering 2004, in Portland OR, including the mystery bead—if this is your bead, please let me know, so I can credit you! (posted 03mar05)


Melanie Brooks’ wonderful ceramic beads. Annually, Bead Boner; last, Oct 2002.