Laura Brito's Big Bead Exchange
Or, how to get really cool beads

One of the easiest way to obtain wonderful beads is by trading for them. These five beads were the ones I received in Laura Brito's ‘Big Bead exchange’. I hope every one who received my beads is enjoying them just as much.

Perhaps the biggest difference between these beads and the ones I typically make is that all of these are solid, and three of them are bicones, a shape I've only recently had any success whatsoever in making. One is cased. One, the stacked dots, involves what I call slow mandrel turning techniques, which I find physically painful. Thus, all of these beads illustrate techniques I don't do well, an added bonus.


Artists are in alphabetical order. Click on the thumbnails for enlargements, 500 pixels wide. Images copyright sylvus tarn, but the bead designs revert to the creators.